June Favorites

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Hello everyone & welcome to my June Favorites! I know there is a big holiday weekend coming up and I will more than likely be spending it at my house, hanging out with my one year old so I wanted to go ahead and get this up for you so that I'm not late and don't have a chance to forget! I also wanted you to have a chance to read it before all of the craziness that is the 4th of July begin!
One quick thing before we get started,  I have started a group for my Blog Follwers & Perfectly Posh customers on Facebook! There you will find exclusive deals from some incredible boutiques, information and sales at Perfectly Posh, Outfit's of The Day, Skincare Advice, Giveaways and so so so much more. Type Life as Laci in your search bar and you should find it easily or click here and it will take you right to it! If you need help or want me to add you let me know and I will help you out!
Anyway, as I was saying... here are my June Favorites!

1. Pink Zebra Sprinkles
My name is Laci and I have a problem. I am addicted to Pink Zebra Fragrance Sprinkles! This stuff is seriously amazing. As you know, I have a wild and nosey 1 year old boy which makes me so afraid to light candles or anything within his reach. unfortunately his reach seems to get a little higher every single day and I am running out of safe places to put a flame. One night a friend of mine invited me to like her new page and well that was that. These are little sprinkles that work like the the wax cubes except they're cheaper, less messy and last longer! You don't have to have heat for these to work. I put them in a cute little martini glass on my desk at work or I also have a champagne glass from my wedding that I have some in on my dresser at home (because I'm classy that way ;) ).
One of the coolest things to me about these things is that you can mix them and create your own scent. The first one I bought was Strawberry and I also purchased Lime & Banana with it. With these 3 scents there are so many possibilities. I can have Strawberry, Banana or Lime just by themselves or I can have Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lime, etc. My second purchase is by far my favorite and the ones I will recommend most. This set included Cake Batter (yes, it smells as good as it sounds), Amaretto Cream (when mixed with cake batter is also gives off a coconut cream pie smell) and Island Coconut. If you want to try them out for yourself you can get them here or at http://www.pinkzebrahome.com/scarletbrabham. They're seriously only $8 a bottle and the bottles are HUGE so you have nothing lose!

2. Perfectly Posh Snarky Bar
Oh my goodness, I can not tell you how in love I am with this thing! A lot of people are obsessed with the chunks from Posh but I am personally more obsessed with Snarky Bars! This is basically a little bar of exfoliating magic. I have a real probably keeping the heels of my feet soft and smooth. It is so easy for them to get dry and not only is it unattractive but it's also uncomfortable. After just 3 days of using this bar my feet are probably softer my hands! It is amazing! These are also SO good for exfoliating your full body before a spray tan or fake bake application. There are so many reasons that you need one of these in your life! They come in several different scents. I have only tried the Classic Pink scent (which reminds me an awful lot of the way Hollister smells). You can get that one here. The next one on my list to try is the Castaway Coconut which you can grab here. There are so many different ones and you can find them all here and pick your favorite!

3. L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24 Hour Foundation
This foundation was sent straight to Heaven, I am sure of it! I bought this after a recommendation from Erin West and I can not get enough of it! It is a full coverage foundation but, unlike a lot of the others, it 's not extremely thick or heavy. I am personally a lover of all things matte but if you like a little dew they have just released a pro glow version of this same stuff! Not only does it come in several colors and have the perfect consistency but it also really lasts ALL DAY LONG! Erin and I spent a few Saturday's sweating it out at the ball field all day while her sons team played and, seriously, her foundation looked just as good at the end of the night as it did at 10 that morning. This stuff is so reasonably priced and so worth every penny. I recommend it to everyone I see! You can buy it at your local Walmart, CVS, Ulta, ect or you can order it online from Ulta here.

4.Milani Stay Put Brow Color
I am usually a die hard Anastasia Brow Wiz kind of girl but I recently ran out of my favorite pencil and did not want to make the 30 minute drive to Ulta with my one year old for literally one thing. It just didn't seem worth it! I did a little research and never found anything worth reading so I just head to Walmart to see what I could find. After a long time searching through pencils that must eventually be sharpened ( I HATE those things) I finally found this and it is incredible. The Milani Stay Put Brow is not only extremely pigmented but stays put all day! It's so easy to use and it lasts forever. Seriously, after weeks of using it I haven't even scratched the surface. I will 100% be spending $7 on this from now on instead of the twenty-something on the other option! You can try it for yourself here or pick it up at your local Walmart. CVS does not seem to carry this product in store from what I have seen.

5. E.L.F. Baked Eye Shadow Trio (In Peach)
I am so in love with this! I use this little eye shadow set every single day. As simple as it seems (and looks) it is perfection. First of all, it is sooooo easy to apply! I think it takes me MAYBE two minutes to do my eye makeup now and I get so many compliments! Secondly, it is a buildable product. You can pack this stuff on for a more pigmented and contrasting look, you can add just a little of the lightest color for a natural eye or you can get somewhere in the middle. Third, it lasts forever. I have had mine for well over a year and I'm not even halfway out which is pretty awesome considering that I only paid about $4 for it! If you don't try anything else that I have talked about today you NEED to try this. Trust me. I get so many compliments on my eye makeup every single day and I literally do it with my fingers so, that should tell you something! You can find this at your local CVS or you can buy it direct from E.L.F. here!

Well, that's it for this month! As always, thank you for reading! If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free or contact me directly! Also, don't forget to join my FB group for exclusive news, amazing deals from your favorite boutiques and so much more. The name of the group is Life As Laci or you can click here to find it!

Hask Kalahari Melon Oil Hair Care Collection

Thursday, June 23, 2016
I have recently partnered with Brand Backer and Hask Beauty to bring you a full and honest review of their Hask Hair: Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection line. Typically, as you probably know, I do not buy cheap shampoo and conditioner. I take that back. I DID a very long time ago but then my friends grew up, went to cosmetology school and felt the need to make fun of me and tell me all of the reasons why I needed to give it up so, eventually I did. (Thank God!) When I received an offer for this opportunity I was very skeptical, especially since you could probably buy every single product I am going to tell you about for less than $25 but I have been more than surprised. I am throwing out every shampoo in my shower for this one, y'all! Keep reading for specific details and my full and professional (as I like to think) opinion.

1. Color Protection Shampoo
First things first. This stuff smells AMAZING. Seriously, it's incredible! I don't usually read about the products before I try them because I want to make sure the results are real and not just in my head so I had no idea what flavor this was until I opened it up and oh my goodness. It has such an amazing melon sent that you will fall in love before you even use it! This is seriously what Summer must smell like in Heaven. It is so yummy and it works SO well.
Typically my problem with shampoos is that they either clean so well that they strip my hair of its natural oils OR it doesn't clean well enough and leaves my oil prone hair greasy at best. Hask seems to have created some type of magical in between formula that I have never experienced before! It is seriously perfect. Your hair will be SO clean and smell AMAZING but it won't be oily or dying from dehydration! With bleached hair it is really important to me to protect my color but also keep my hair clean and this really does the trick!

2. Color Protection Conditioner
This product smells just as good as the shampoo and will probably give you the softest hair of your life. When I use this stuff I put it on my ends and let it sit for about 2 minutes and then go back and apply to my roots and the rest of my hair before rinsing it out. My hair gets really oily really fast so I don't like to let conditioners sit on my scalp. This stuff has NEVER left my hair feeling oily. It actually helps me be able to go a day or two between washes if I really want to! (If you have colored hair then you understand the importance of  not over washing!) With other products I would wake up in the morning just hours after washing my hair and it would feel oily but that hasn't happened once since I started using Hask!

3. Color Protection Deep Conditioner & SHINE Oil 
Let's start with the SHINE Oil. My hair will get oily just from me thinking about using oils so I was very timid when it came to this stuff. The bottle recommended a "coin sized amount" and I personally took that as dime sized and it was perfect. I have started using this every single night. I will apply most of it to my ends and then run the rest all over my hair and it works like a charm. It keeps even my curliest hair days from having and frizz and it protects against damage that can be caused by hot tools. Even if I ever use a different shampoo line I will ALWAYS use this hair oil!
I would venture to say that the deep conditioner is salon quality. I don't know if you've ever gotten a deep conditioning treatment at a salon but it is amazing and your hair will be soft for weeks afterwards! If you don't have the time or money for a salon treatment or you want to try an alternative this is an incredible and equal product. 10-15 minutes of letting this stuff sit on your hair will change everything about it. If you want the smoothest hair possible then you have to try it out. It's so cheap and more than worth the money!!

To say that I have been completely sold on Hask Hair is an understatement! I am so impressed with not only the price but also the quality. I have never seen something this amazing be priced so well. This is more an affordable and I seriously appreciate the fact that they have found a way to bring normal girls salon quality products without breaking the bank!
If you want to try it out for yourself (which you should) order it here or go to  http://haskbeauty.com/products/kalahari-melon-oil! This is one purchase that you will not regret!
As always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me directly!

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LipSense Or Nah?! An Honest Review!

Monday, June 13, 2016
I feel like it has taken me forever to finally get this review together. I have had one thing after another come up but I have finally gotten around to it! If you follow me on SnapChat then you have probably seen my posts about LipSense and my day long experiments. I literally have been blown away by how much I love this stuff! Not only does it truly stay on ALL DAY LONG but it also leaves your lips moisturized and in better shape than when you applied it.
As many of you are, I'm sure, I too was slow to believe that there was actually a lip color that could withstand an entire hour of my life much less a whole day but it didn't take LipSense long to change my mind. The first time I tried it on (as you can read below) I literally could not get it off. I had to message Alyssa on Instagram for some assistance. This is some seriously tough stuff, ladies!

Before I ever write a review or post a product to recommend for you guys I always spend a couple of days testing it out. As I was saying before, so that my followers could get a little sneak peak and see some real like results I took my product testing to SnapChat! The first color I tried was Praline Rose + Glossy Gloss. This is seriously one of my favorite colors EVER. It is a softer pink with a hint of a berry tint to it.  I am still wearing it all of the time! (Pictured below is my entire day from 8AM - 5PM with LipSense. It survived 2 meals, lots of water and a snack!)

I was in love at first sight but after my first whole day I was pretty sure I would never wear anything else! As much as I loved it and the color I wanted to try it again another whole day and I really wanted to try a different shade. The second shade I tried was Sheer Pink + Glossy Gloss and I really loved it just as much as the first color. It's a very natural but visible pink! It is the perfect outfit for any outfit, any day! (Color #2 is pictured below! I documented my day from 8AM- 5PM.)

I can not stress how much I love this stuff! Now that you've seen me wear it and you've watched it last all day I know you are dying for some of your own! If you would like to order and/or see more color choices or information contact Alyssa Washington directly or join her group Stay Pout By Lyss And Dee! Whatever color you get I definitely recommend also getting the Glossy Gloss! Also, just a note, read and follow the directions completely before applying and do not apply too much at once or it can tend to peel and/or flake off.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me directly!

West Avenue & The Be Brave Kimono

Friday, June 10, 2016
For today's post I am so excited to share something so near and dear to my heart! I am totally and completely biased but West Avenue is my favorite boutique EVER. If you don't already know what I am talking about it is a "chic and gaudy [online] boutique" created by my best friend (and possibly, definitely soul mate), Erin West. If you haven't already checked out the website head on over to www.shopwestavenue.com and have a look around! Also, a HUGE shout out to Cristi Hoyt at Cristi Starr Photography not only for these amazing blog photos but for all of the photos on the website! My full outfit details will be listed below the photos.
Gray Be Brave Kimono: West Avenue - Maroon Bless Your Heart Dress: West Avenue (Only 2 Smalls left, contact Erin West for invoice)  - Grande Corazon (Tomato Red & Bahama Blue) Necklace: Sookie Sookie - Arriba Pera Luxa Earrings (BLACK): Sookie Sookie - Tan Wedges: The Pink Lily Boutique - Hair: Cinderella Hair Micro Bead Extensions By Michaela - Photos By: Cristi Starr Photography

For more amazing outfits check out www.shopwestavenue.com!

May Favorites

Monday, June 6, 2016
May was such a crazy and hectic month for me that I have just not had time to post a lot lately. I'm sure most of you already know this but after weeks of designing, stress eating and staying up late West Avenue's website www.ShopWestAvenue.com was finally launched! Along with that big project I have also been busy celebrating my favorite 2016 High School Graduate & product testing for the upcoming months! I have so much planned to show and talk to you all about but today is all about my favorite products from May!

1. Not Your Mothers - Way To Grow - Leave In Conditioner
I am absolutely in love with everything about this product. I have been using the same leave in conditioner for years but hardly any stores carry it so I have to order it and of course I never remember to until I'm completely out so I was having a hair emergency, ran to CVS and grabbed the first one I saw. Let the record show, I will not be reordering my old faithful. It has been permanently replaced! This is such an amazing formula that you can literally spray as much as you want and not end up with oily hair! The bottle is also created by a group of geniuses. The design allows you to target more than just one area when you pray it and it keeps from having a lot in one place and none in another. I literally can not say enough good things about this stuff. It is so inexpensive. You can buy it at your local CVS, Walmart, whatever or you can order it here for only $7.99!

2. Texas Heart Jewelry
Oh my goodness. Have you been to this website?! If you still have money in your bank account then your answer is obviously no. I can not get over their GORGEOUS Druzy Earrings and the Tassel Necklaces are TO DIE FOR. Everything on the website is so reasonably priced and the quality is perfection. I know that there are SO many brands out there selling these types of pieces but none are them are as good in quality as these. Trust me, I've tried most of them. Also, the owner, Shelbi is the most genuine and kind hearted person you may ever meet. If you have a problem with ANYTHING she will help you. Okay, enough about how amazing the are see it for yourself here. (
Texas-heart.myshopify.com) Stay tuned for a haul post to see what I am buying there later this month!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
I am so in love with this product that I've used it every single day. At first you think you're paying $21 for just another brow pencil but trust me, it is so much more. This pencil makes it so easy to get the exact look that you're wanting but it is also easy to correct if you make a mistake. It is not hard to wash off but it never fades and it won't have you sweating off your eyebrows in you're spending your summer in Texas. I go back and forth between Medium Brown & Chocolate, mostly because I can never remember which one I use. If you absolutely can't decide which color is right for you, take a trip to Ulta and the girls there will be happy to match you or you can buy it online here!

4.  IT Brushed For Ulta
I am seriously a brush freak. I will pay more for a brush than a 3 months supply of the foundation I am going to use it with because I truly believe that the look and application of the product is 70% brush & 30% product. If you've ever used a truly amazing brush then you know that it can make a world of a difference. I usually stick to Morphe & Sigma but I grabbed a couple of these when I was in Ulta one day and they are my favorite ever! You can check out their collection online here (prices and sizes vary) or make a quick trip to your nearest Ulta!

5. Too Faced Love Flush Blush
I have had these blushes forever and I just now got the chance to try them! These are honestly my favorite blushes ever! They are very pigmented but not overly so and there several color options. This is such a great product. They will stay with you all day long and never fade. They also come in the cutest packages ever. Find your favorite shade and give it a try here (or, again, at your nearest Ulta) for only $26.

Well, that's it for this months favorites! As always, thank you for reading! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me!

May Ulta Haul

Monday, May 23, 2016
I have talked to so many friends and family that always tell me how lost and clueless they feel in Ulta. I'm personally more familiar with the store than my own bedroom but don't judge me. I have always been open to experimenting with makeup and I'm a sucker for a pretty package. Because confusion seems to be a widespread side effect of what I think is the most amazing place on the planet, today I am going to share with you a "Haul" post from my most recent trip to hopefully give you a few ideas on some new items and some brands to look for!

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
This is where is ALL started. I went in to Ulta just for this one little product. Of course, we all know that you can never just buy 1 thing when you visit a store with that many options. I have been hearing so much about this stuff that I just wanted to try it for myself. I bought a few shades lighter than my skin (Light Warm). It is full coverage and it very easily buildable. It's not too thick at all. I think I am going to love it but it's obviously too soon to tell! You can get it for yourself at Ulta, of course, or order it online here for $28.

2. Hoola Bronzer By Benefit
I walk past the Benefit shelves every single time that I go into Ulta but after watching some YouTube videos that highly recommended this product I finally decided to give it a chance. There is literally only one color (Hoola) and it comes in the cutest little box. I haven't worn it out anywhere but the color payoff is amazing! I can already tell that this stuff will last me a long while. This is definitely the perfect shade for any skin tones. A lot of times bronzers have too much red or orange tones and give my skin a muddy look but this one is great. I am pretty sure it will end up in my May Favorites. You can get this product here for $29.

3. Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo
I have been looking for the perfect highlighter and this just may be it!! This product comes in two color sets, Warm Glow & Rosy Glow. I obviously chose Rosy Glow because I prefer a lighter toned highlighter and I'm partial to soft pinks. I haven't seen anyone talk about this one but I saw it and It was just too pretty to pass up! The color pay off is AMAZING and it doesn't contain any actual glitter. You can get there here for $30.

4.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
It doesn't always have to be expensive to be amazing! This is basically just a cheaper version of the Beauty Blender. If you follow me then you probably already know that my sweet little one year old finds pleasure in feeding my Beauty Blenders to our dog. Insert annoyed face here. I has a Mardi Gras ball to go to one day and didn't realize what had happened until just a few hours before so I ran to Walmart in a panic and bought the closest thing that I could find (this). It turned out to actually be better than the real thing. I prefer the shape of this way more than an actual Beauty Blender. The flat side is amazing for blending out concealer. I already had this but I like to replace mine every few months so that I know it's clean and safe. (I've seen some really gross YouTube videos on old blenders.) You can get yours here for $6.

5. IT Brushes For Ulta & Ulta Beauty Wedges
These were just some really quick I want to try a new brand of brushes and I need some wedges for baking my concealer purchases. I have not tried either of these new brushes but I will tell you which ones they are. The first one I bought is Live Beauty Fully All Over Powder Brush (#211). This is a very soft medium sized brush for applying powder. You can get your own here for $40. The second brush is the Live Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush (#227). You can get this brush here for $28. You can purchase the Wedges here for $1.99.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me. If you want to read a full review on any or all of these products, let me know and I'll do a separate post!
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