LipSense Or Nah?! An Honest Review!

Monday, June 13, 2016
I feel like it has taken me forever to finally get this review together. I have had one thing after another come up but I have finally gotten around to it! If you follow me on SnapChat then you have probably seen my posts about LipSense and my day long experiments. I literally have been blown away by how much I love this stuff! Not only does it truly stay on ALL DAY LONG but it also leaves your lips moisturized and in better shape than when you applied it.
As many of you are, I'm sure, I too was slow to believe that there was actually a lip color that could withstand an entire hour of my life much less a whole day but it didn't take LipSense long to change my mind. The first time I tried it on (as you can read below) I literally could not get it off. I had to message Alyssa on Instagram for some assistance. This is some seriously tough stuff, ladies!

Before I ever write a review or post a product to recommend for you guys I always spend a couple of days testing it out. As I was saying before, so that my followers could get a little sneak peak and see some real like results I took my product testing to SnapChat! The first color I tried was Praline Rose + Glossy Gloss. This is seriously one of my favorite colors EVER. It is a softer pink with a hint of a berry tint to it.  I am still wearing it all of the time! (Pictured below is my entire day from 8AM - 5PM with LipSense. It survived 2 meals, lots of water and a snack!)

I was in love at first sight but after my first whole day I was pretty sure I would never wear anything else! As much as I loved it and the color I wanted to try it again another whole day and I really wanted to try a different shade. The second shade I tried was Sheer Pink + Glossy Gloss and I really loved it just as much as the first color. It's a very natural but visible pink! It is the perfect outfit for any outfit, any day! (Color #2 is pictured below! I documented my day from 8AM- 5PM.)

I can not stress how much I love this stuff! Now that you've seen me wear it and you've watched it last all day I know you are dying for some of your own! If you would like to order and/or see more color choices or information contact Alyssa Washington directly or join her group Stay Pout By Lyss And Dee! Whatever color you get I definitely recommend also getting the Glossy Gloss! Also, just a note, read and follow the directions completely before applying and do not apply too much at once or it can tend to peel and/or flake off.

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me directly!


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