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Thursday, June 23, 2016
I have recently partnered with Brand Backer and Hask Beauty to bring you a full and honest review of their Hask Hair: Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection line. Typically, as you probably know, I do not buy cheap shampoo and conditioner. I take that back. I DID a very long time ago but then my friends grew up, went to cosmetology school and felt the need to make fun of me and tell me all of the reasons why I needed to give it up so, eventually I did. (Thank God!) When I received an offer for this opportunity I was very skeptical, especially since you could probably buy every single product I am going to tell you about for less than $25 but I have been more than surprised. I am throwing out every shampoo in my shower for this one, y'all! Keep reading for specific details and my full and professional (as I like to think) opinion.

1. Color Protection Shampoo
First things first. This stuff smells AMAZING. Seriously, it's incredible! I don't usually read about the products before I try them because I want to make sure the results are real and not just in my head so I had no idea what flavor this was until I opened it up and oh my goodness. It has such an amazing melon sent that you will fall in love before you even use it! This is seriously what Summer must smell like in Heaven. It is so yummy and it works SO well.
Typically my problem with shampoos is that they either clean so well that they strip my hair of its natural oils OR it doesn't clean well enough and leaves my oil prone hair greasy at best. Hask seems to have created some type of magical in between formula that I have never experienced before! It is seriously perfect. Your hair will be SO clean and smell AMAZING but it won't be oily or dying from dehydration! With bleached hair it is really important to me to protect my color but also keep my hair clean and this really does the trick!

2. Color Protection Conditioner
This product smells just as good as the shampoo and will probably give you the softest hair of your life. When I use this stuff I put it on my ends and let it sit for about 2 minutes and then go back and apply to my roots and the rest of my hair before rinsing it out. My hair gets really oily really fast so I don't like to let conditioners sit on my scalp. This stuff has NEVER left my hair feeling oily. It actually helps me be able to go a day or two between washes if I really want to! (If you have colored hair then you understand the importance of  not over washing!) With other products I would wake up in the morning just hours after washing my hair and it would feel oily but that hasn't happened once since I started using Hask!

3. Color Protection Deep Conditioner & SHINE Oil 
Let's start with the SHINE Oil. My hair will get oily just from me thinking about using oils so I was very timid when it came to this stuff. The bottle recommended a "coin sized amount" and I personally took that as dime sized and it was perfect. I have started using this every single night. I will apply most of it to my ends and then run the rest all over my hair and it works like a charm. It keeps even my curliest hair days from having and frizz and it protects against damage that can be caused by hot tools. Even if I ever use a different shampoo line I will ALWAYS use this hair oil!
I would venture to say that the deep conditioner is salon quality. I don't know if you've ever gotten a deep conditioning treatment at a salon but it is amazing and your hair will be soft for weeks afterwards! If you don't have the time or money for a salon treatment or you want to try an alternative this is an incredible and equal product. 10-15 minutes of letting this stuff sit on your hair will change everything about it. If you want the smoothest hair possible then you have to try it out. It's so cheap and more than worth the money!!

To say that I have been completely sold on Hask Hair is an understatement! I am so impressed with not only the price but also the quality. I have never seen something this amazing be priced so well. This is more an affordable and I seriously appreciate the fact that they have found a way to bring normal girls salon quality products without breaking the bank!
If you want to try it out for yourself (which you should) order it here or go to  http://haskbeauty.com/products/kalahari-melon-oil! This is one purchase that you will not regret!
As always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me directly!

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